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Fish keeping is a particularly attractive hobby, not least because it is dynamic and experiences add to the wealth of knowledge already amassed in books and online resources. Thus my fish keeping advice, opinions and information may change as new knowledge becomes available. These fish keeping articles therefore come with the obligatory health warning, i.e. there's no guarantee that the information is 100% correct!

I hope that these fish keeping articles are read and assimilated in the spirit in which they have been freely published here. Please take a minute or two to visit the sponsor's links and banners as they have supported this site and allow it to operate.

By Tristan Lougher: courtesy of Marine World Magazine

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Exotic Fish Keeping:
1. Helfrich’s Dartfish
2. Watanabei Angelfish
3. Cocos-Keeling Angelfish
4. Purple Moon Angelfish

5. Blue Throated Triggerfish
6. Red Speckled Coral Goby
7. Splitfin Flashlight Fish

Aquarium Wonders:

1. Boxer Crabs
2. Cathedral Coral
3. White Moon Snail

Friend or Foe:

1. Star Fish & Brittlestars
2. Sea Urchins & Cucumbers


Tristan Lougher graduated from Manchester University in 1992 with an Honours Degree in Zoology. Since then his interest in aquatic ecosystems and their fauna has led him to places such as Costa Rica, the Red Sea and the highlands of Scotland for research purposes and, if he is honest, a fair amount of recreation too. After a brief spell working at one of Europe’s largest koj carp retailers he aided Steve and Faye Birchall in the establishment of Cheshire WaterLife where he is able to indulge his main interest in marine fish and invertebrates and the aquaria required to maintain them.

The experience gained in managing the business’s stock and clientele led to Tristan beginning to write for several aquatic magazines including Practical Fishkeeeping, Today’s Fishkeeper (Formerly Aquarist and Pondkeeper) and Tropical World. Around 5 years ago he began to write for a fledgling magazine called Marine World at the invitation of the editor Liz Donlan. He has contributed several articles to this, the UK’s original marine aquarium magazine, including the very popular Friend or Foe series. Several of these articles are included on this website. Where possible Tristan hopes to revisit them, to amend, augment and revise their content to bring them up to date and to reflect changes on the consensus since their publication.

So please feel free to browse this online resource and be sure to check back regularly for new articles, updates etc. You can use the Hotlinks on the left to quickly find an article that may be of interest. As more articles are uploaded you should be able to find sections on Fish, Invertebrates, water parameters and reproductions of the original Friend or Foe series. We hope that you find them useful.

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